Member's monthly meeting 24th November 2018(Saturday) Participating in Salons and Their Experience By PSM Members Shri. Ashok Viswanathan & Ms. Vinaya Mathews

PSM is happy to announce the program for November 2018 -- "Participating in Salons and their Experience" by Shri. Ashok Viswanathan and Ms. Vinaya Mathews.

Ashok Viswanathan


His photography goes back to the early 70's starting with a Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta roll film camera, graduating to a Nikon system.At this time he joined PSM and continued as a member till he left chennai in 1980. during this period had many acceptances & awards in national and international salons.

In early 2002 explored digital with a Olympus D460 digital with 1.3 MP. . upgraded a year later to a Nikon D100 DSLR (6.1MP) with a 24~85 f2.8 Nikon AF macro zoom. Later adding the 14mm f2.8 Nikon AFD and the 80-200 f2.8 AF-ED nikon zoom. Since 2013 using the fuji x pro 1 system.

His primary interest is black & white but the richness and flexibility of digital colour fascinates him. Digital processing is done on a Macbook running Affinity software.

Since 2012 Exhibited in several salons with over 500 acceptances and several awards in 37 countries.. Work accepted at prestigious shows such as PSA annual exhibition, FIP intl circuit, Malmoe Intl, Sydney Harbour, Southampton Intl, and Singapore International.and others..One of his early b&w prints from the 1970's is in the permanent collection of HPF in Ooty..Also has considerable published work in magazines and web sites...Enjoy shooting portraits, seascapes, landscapes & pictorial.

Honours: 2015 AFIP - 2017 FFIP - 2017 AFIAP


Vinaya Mathews


After working with State Bank of India for 30 years, Vinaya Mathews decided to quit her job to pursue her two passions, working for the under-privileged and photography.

Her journey in the field of photography started with a basic course conducted by Late Prof. Manohar Desai, the Founder Director of National Institute of Photography, in Mumbai in the year 2004. With the feel of a camera in hand, she discovered her over-arching love for photography. It took her 10 long restless years to finally free herself from the bonds of a demanding career and follow her passion. She loves Nature photography but developed niche in Travel & Street photography too. Capturing varied expressions of people excites her the most. In Chennai, she finds covering ‘Mylapore Arupathu Moovar“ festival the most challenging but equally fascinating.

During the last 3 years, she has earned more than 400 acceptances, 15 awards in National & International Photography Salons. It includes 86 acceptances & 4 awards in foreign salons from 26 countries.

She has earned ‘Artist FIAP (AFIAP)’ certification from ‘The International Federation of Photographic Art’ Belgium & ‘Fellow FIP (FFIP)’ from ‘Federation Of Indian Photography’

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam is her idol & she tries to follow his teaching “Dream is not that you see in sleep, Dream is something that does not let you sleep”

Gaining more & more knowledge & experience in the field to become an accomplished photographer is her dream.

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Member's monthly meeting 27th October 2018 (Saturday) What makes a picture...better By Shri. Prabhakar Kusuma AFIAP, FRPS

PSM is happy to announce the program for October 2018 -- "What makes a picture.....better" by Shri Prabhakar Kusuma (AFIAP, FRPS).


Shri Prabhakar Kusuma started his photography journey with Federation of Indian Photography in 1977. He won a Special Merit Award at the Commonwealth Photography Contest in 1987 and was invited to London to receive the award. The Commonwealth Photography Group Exhibition, “Images”, was first exhibited at The Commonwealth Institute, London, and later at the University of British Columbia, Museum of Anthropology, Vancouver, Canada.

In 1989, he presented a paper on “Portrait Photography”, at FIAP Congress held at Brussels and another in 1993 on “Limits of Photography”, at FIAP Congress held at the Netherlands and had won Silver Medals for both papers.

In 1991 and 1992, he had won Japan Airlines Award for his pictures on “Animals in Our Daily Life”, and Okamoto Award for “Food and People" consecutively in the photo contests by Asia / Pacific Cultural Center for UNESCO, (ACCU), Japan.

During 1999 and 2001, his pictures were exhibited in Ford Foundation Project, under the theme, “Women/Goddess”, at New Delhi, Calcutta, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and New York.

In 2016, his solo exhibition on “Lambada Tribe” was exhibited at “51st Biennial Historikertag”, Hamburg University, Germany.

In May 2018, he was awarded the “Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society, Great Britain”. He is the first Indian photographer to publish a set of images in the RPS journal (August 2018 issue).

He has received several awards at National and International salons, right from 1984, and has served as jury too. He is now settled in Hyderabad.

Shri Prabhakar will cover the following in his talk showing examples:

  • Where are we losing the beauty while taking the picture?
  • What are the Visual Elements?
  • What are the meanings of Tones?
  • What are the meanings of Colors?
  • What are the Elements of Composition and their Importance?
  • What are the meanings of Lines?
  • What is Space Division and how to use it effectively?
  • What are Command Positions?
  • What are Important Types of Compositions?
  • What are Finer Points and how to incorporate in our pictures?
  • How we can make our picture better and powerful by using the above elements?

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Member's monthly meeting 22nd September 2018 (Saturday) USA Tour - photo experience By Mr. Swaminathan M and Jaisalmer Tour - photo experience By Mr. Balasubramanian G V

PSM is happy to announce the Program for September 2018 -- "US Tour - photo experience" by our President and life member, Shri. Swaminathan M and "Jaisalmer - photo experience" by our Secretary and life member, Shri. Balasubramanian G.V.


Swaminathan.M will share his photography experience that he had while on a stay in Chicago USA during May-July, 2018. Though this vibrant city Chicago has many exciting things to offer to everyone from Architecture to Parks to museums, he tried to capture what he felt interesting and something different from the usual touristy areas. He will share his experience as to how an ordinary scene can change dramatically when captured at the right time of the day or night.

Swaminathan is a Bio-Medical Engineer by profession, dealing with lifesaving devices for the treatment of Heart disease, most part of his carrier life. He was the Director for Cardiac Surgery business, SE Asia for a leading International company, Medtronic Inc.USA and had significantly contributed to the introduction and growth of modern medical technology in India in the field of Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery. He is a Photographer by passion. He has travelled across India and abroad for nature, landscape and wildlife photography and his Photographs have been accepted in National and International photo salons. He is currently the President of Photographic Society of Madras.


Balasubramanian G. V, is a Chemical Engineer by Qualification, Banker by Profession, Photographer by Passion.

  • Photographing since film camera days
  • Passion got kindled with the advent of digital cameras
  • Has a presence in Flickr and FB
  • One of the founder member of The Chennai Photo-walk Group which has conducted over 170 photo walks in and around Chennai in the last 11 years
  • Presently, Secretary of the Photographic Society of Madras established in 1857
  • One of his photograph got featured in “Madras Then, Chennai Now”, a Coffee Table Book
  • Few of his photographs were featured in Madras Musings and Tamil The Hindu
  • Some of his photographs finds place in National Geographic Editor’s favorites
  • Travel, street and bird photography are some of the genres which interest him

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Member's monthly meeting 28th July 2018 (Saturday) Monument Photography By Mr. Sunder Gurusamy

PSM is happy to announce the Program for July 2018 -- "Monument Photography" by our Life Member, Shri. Sunder Gurusamy. We are planning to have a Workshop (field trip to Kanchipuram) on the following day, 29th July 2018, where Mr. Sunder, will provide practical guidance and tips on the subject, at select temples in Kanchipuram.


Mr. Sunder Gurusamy

A hospitality graduate and an entrepreneur from Chennai. He was bitten by the shutterbug during his early age, his professional career in Chennai and in Australia helped him to become a serious amateur photographer with the help of the like minded company. His area of interest in photography includes nature, landscape, temples and heritage monuments. He is particularly fascinated and interested in documenting the Chola history, culture and architecture. He has a vast photographic collections of unique sculptures, Chola temples, paintings and monuments. His work revolves around various Govt agencies , NGO’s and Publication houses.

His work has been published in various news dailies across India and leading photography, travel and culture magazines, His extensive work of monuments has been published by the prestigious Marg publications in three different volumes, He specializes in panoramic photography using special tools and techniques. He also specializes in Multiple light source for macro and indoor photography.

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