Asokan Awards 2020
Guidelines for participation in the contest

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A Tribute to Asokan V S

Saravanan K and Steffy NJ won asokan awards

At the Monthly Meeting of 23rd July, 2016, Saravanan K and Steffy NJ emerged the winners of asokan awards. The awards were instituted to honour the late Mr Asokan, a senior member of PSM and advertising veteran. Continuing his spirit of guiding and nurturing beginners in photography, his family has come forward to fund the annual awards with a total prize money of Rs 10,000. PSM members below the age of 30 alone can compete for the award


Asokan Awards 2018 (third edition)


Dear Members,

PSM is pleased to announce the third edition of “Asokan awards 2018 -- for budding young photographers of PSM”, sponsored by the family of the Late Mr Asokan, an eminent photographer, a trusted PSM member and a loving friend

This annual contest is for PSM members who are 30 years of age or below. Entries are hereby invited from eligible PSM members, for the 2018 awards to be submitted by 20th October 2018.

Prints of ten best entries (including prize winners), will be displayed, at the PSM Monthly meeting (November). These prints will be handed over to the participants at the end of the meeting. (Print size 18" x 12" with mount)


  • Open to PSM members who have no dues against their name at the time of applying for the awards. Participants to submit proof of age. (Max 30 years as on July 14th, Late Mr Asokan's birthday)
  • Judging based on a portfolio of 5 photos on the theme Serenity in Nature.
  • Each image should consist of: a title - maximum 5 words
  • A maximum of three contestants will be awarded cash prizes (Rs 5,000, Rs 3,000 and Rs 2,000 respectively), along with certificates of participation
  • Judging will be done by a panel from within the PSM and the same reviewed with a member of Asokan family
  • Send your portfolio of 5 images to by 20th Ocotber 2018. Mention mail subject as "Asokan Awards 2018"
  • Images should be 1920 pixels resolution on long side (max of 2MB file size, named as LM123_01.jpg, LM123_02.jpg etc...) Image files should not have any watermarks or text included. Entries with any additional marking or any text matter will be rejected.
  • Please register your participation for this award in the google form link mentioned here

* Please note, entries with incomplete/incorrect details or missing registrations will not be considered for the awards.

Awards will be presented in the PSM November 2018 monthly meeting.


please contact:

Mr. Jayasekar K
Director, Competitions and Workshops
Photographic Society of Madras
94454 66011

Mrs. Lakshmi Pichaimani
Jt. Director, Competitions and Workshops
Photographic Society of Madras
91766 99379