About Us

Established in 1857 just a few years after the first ever photograph was taken, the Photographic Society of Madras, founded by Dr. Alexander Hunter and the Honorable Walter Elliot is a vibrant and dedicated band of photographers.

One of the earliest photographic societies in the world, PSM was established to bring together photographers of all genre including wildlife, nature, landscape, architectural, macro and street. PSM meets on the second Saturday of every month to display and discuss the works of its members as well as for guest lectures.


Members frequently travel together to wildlife sanctuaries, heritage sites, festivals and other places of photographic interest, making new friends and seeing new places while shooting fine photographs.

PSM organizes programs almost every week all through the year. These include, photo-walks, photo-tours, classes, workshops, salons and exhibitions.

PSM has as its members, some of the finest photographers of India who are willing to share their tips and experiences and promote this art. PSM creates an opportunity for learning, exchange of ideas, appreciation of the art, exposition of the science, apart from having fun traveling and exploring. PSM provides the perfect platform to learn and practice photography as a hobby, passion or profession..