6th Annual Asokan Awards 2021
Guidelines for participation in the contest

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PSM is pleased to announce the 6 th Annual Asokan Awards2021, sponsored by thefamily of the Late Mr Asokan V.S, an eminent photographer, an earnest PSM member and a loving friend.
This annual contest is open to all amateur photographers domiciled in India of age 25 years and less as on the closing date of submission (28/02/2022)
A maximum of three contestants from the participants will be awarded cash prizes (Rs 5,000/- Rs 3,000/- and Rs 2,000/- respectively) with Digital Citations. There will also be three Honourable Mentions with Digital Citations.


  • ✔ Contest is open to amateur photographers of age 25 years or below domiciled in India as on the closing date of submissions viz., February 28, 2022.
  • ✔ The Theme for the contest is “Open Colour”.
  • ✔ Every participant can submit 3 images.
  • ✔ Image should be in JPG format and file size should not exceed 2 MB.
  • ✔ Each image must have a relevant title. Untitled images will not be accepted.
  • ✔ Each image has to be titled as follows:
    • ✔ < Name of the participant >_< Title >_< Entry No 1 >
    • ✔ < Name of the participant >_< Title >_< Entry No 2 > and so on
  • ✔ Images should not have any watermarks or text or markings.
  • ✔ Judging will be done by a Jury panel comprising of one family member of Late Mr Asokan V.S and two members from PSM.
  • ✔ Declaration by participants is required that they are 25 years or less than 25 years as on February 28, 2022. Proof of age would be requested in the case of winners and honorary mention at the time of announcement of results.
  • ✔ The participants are required to register in the google form for which the link is provided below:

  • ✔ On registration, you will be receiving an acknowledgement in your registered email id. Forward the mail received along with your entries as attachment to
  • ✔ The participants will have to declare in the google form that the images submitted are their original work.
  • ✔ The images submitted should not have won any award in any Salon (domestic / international) or in any competition in India or Abroad. To this effect a declaration will have to be given by the participant in the google form.
  • ✔ The Jury’s decision on selection of winning entries is final and no correspondence will be entertained in this regard.
  • ✔ By participating in this contest, the winner / honourably mentioned agrees for PSM to use the winning images in their website and for other promotion purposes. To this effect a declaration will have to be given by the participant in the google form.
  • ✔ Cash awards will be Rs 5000/- for 1st Prize, Rs 3000/- for 2nd Prize and Rs 2000/- for 3rd Prize along with digital citations. Prize Money will be effected by bank transfer to the winning participants’ bank account.
  • ✔ Three Honourable Mentions will be given digital citations.

Timeline for the Contest

  • ✔ Opens for Entries – February 1, 2022
  • ✔ Closes for Entries – February 28, 2022
  • ✔ Selection by Jury Panel – by March 12, 2022
  • ✔ Announcement of Results – by March 15, 2022
  • ✔ Award Ceremony – on March 19, 2022

For any clarification, contact:

Mr. Narayanan Muthiah
Programs, Competitions and Workshops
Photographic Society of Madras

Mr. B.Balaji
Joint Director
Programs, Competitions and Workshops
Photographic Society of Madras

A Tribute to Asokan V S

Saravanan K and Steffy NJ won asokan awards

At the Monthly Meeting of 23rd July, 2016, Saravanan K and Steffy NJ emerged the winners of asokan awards. The awards were instituted to honour the late Mr Asokan, a senior member of PSM and advertising veteran. Continuing his spirit of guiding and nurturing beginners in photography, his family has come forward to fund the annual awards with a total prize money of Rs 10,000. PSM members below the age of 30 alone can compete for the award