Photography Workshop to the field staff of NGOs

One of the objectives of PSM is to “impart education and training in the areas of photography to a wide spectrum of interested participants including eligible underprivileged students so as to provide a vocational opportunity” (item 6 of the main objectives)

Keeping this in mind, PSM was always looking out for opportunities share the knowledge of photography to the general public.

There was a request from Sevalaya, an NGO, for a workshop on basic photography for its and a few other sister NGOS field staff. Thse NGOs supports various CSR projects in Education and Rural development and organizes various activities like afforestation programs. The objective of the workshop was to equip the field staff with basic photography skills so that they are able to take good pictures during their programs/meetings.

The 18th March was the date for the workshop. It began at about 9.30am an introduction by Mr. V. Muralidharan, Founder & Managing Trustee of Sevalaya who welcomed the gathering and gave a brief purpose of the workshop, which set the ball rolling.

The faculties for the workshop were Mr. B.Ramana Kumar, President PSM and Ms. Supraja Srinivasan, Member PSM. Most of the NGO workers do not have any fancy cameras and lenses and sometimes operate with mobile cameras. The 3-hour program was hence designed so that the participants could acquire some basic skills, equipment notwithstanding the equipment and working with the strengths of the same.  

While Ramana taught them the Do's and Dont's of photography and some basic guidelines including exploiting the camera in the cellphone, Supraja handled the technical aspects of photography and the physics of light. She also dwelt at length composition rules and a number of tips which would help them during their events.

At the end of the program, the participants were asked to critique their own pictures that were downloaded from their website so that they would understand where to improve. The program was well received and the participants felt more confident at the end of the workshop. Mr. Thomas T Abraham, past President PSM helped coordinate the workshop with Sevalaya and was present throughout the program and also offered his comments and inputs. All dispersed at 1.30 pm after a sumptuous lunch.

The feedback from the session was very good. The participants were able to see some learnings which could be of use immediately.

Sevalaya Murali, Founder & Managing Trustee had the following to say to the President through a mail the next day

“Dear Ramana, Thank you very much. The workshop was very interesting and useful. All the NGOs are very happy with the inputs they got. We invite you to visit our campus any day you are free. Pl also inform Supraja that the session was a great success. Thanks Thomas for introducing us. Thanks & Regards”