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Biking Photography Expedition 2-days to Pondicherry


PSM is organizing a trip to Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve between 14 and 20 May 2017. PSM has managed to get a very good deal with the resort for this trip, at Rs.19900/- for 8 safaris.

The inclusions are:

  • Travel by II AC
  • Transfer from station to the resort and back
  • Stay on twin accommodation for 4 nights (***)
  • 4 breakfast, 5 lunches and dinners
  • Entry fee and Jeep charges for the for 8 safaris into the forest
  • A Certificate of participation from PSM


  • Breakfast in train in onward and return
  • Tips to the guide and driver at the park
  • Tips to the hotel staff
  • Any other extra food outside the standard menu
  • Any other outside the standard package
  • Lens and camera rentals
  • Any personal expenses

The Cost of the above package is Rs.19,900/-, however the EC has decided to make it into two installments ie.Rs.12,000/- by 12 January so as to book the train tickets and safaris as they open 120 days prior to the travel and the balance Rs.7,900 by 15 March 2017.

The payment can be made by account transfer or through cheque so as to reach the administrative office of PSM at Ms.Marundeeswara enterprises by 12 January.

The numbers of participants have to be in lots of 4 and restricted to 16 on a first come basis after the payment of the requisite fee (I instalment of Rs.12,000/-) for various logistics reasons.

Links to some albums of our members who rocked at Tadoba are herewith:

Ajay Shah : click here

Prof Chandrasekaran

click here

Rags Raghavan:

click here

For any questions or clarifications, please contact:

98400 26723 : M. Swaminathan, Director – Programmes - PSM

94447 28580 : Ramanidharan, Mentor

98411 13024 : B. Ramana Kumar, President - PSM

Register at the earliest. THIS IS AN “ONCE IN A LIFE TIME” DEAL !!

Yelagiri tour

Photo trip to SHAR Road on 31st Dec., 2016

Brief report BY Murali narayanan, Member PSM

In response to the call from the birds at SHAR Road to visit their winter home, PSM-EC and the supportive members swung in to action on Thursday the 29th Dec for photo road trip to SHAR road near Sullurupeta. Within a day the trip was “sold out”. All went on very well as planned and 25 members with 6 cars rolled out to meet at Koyamedu SAF at 4:45 am on the 31st December for the adventure. Even as the city was just waking up, the car pool volunteers’ meticulously coordinated with others for the pickup. Around 5 am all the cars assembled at the Koyamedu meeting for a quick roll call.

The EC had a unique way of greeting us with a packet of biscuits that was a pleasant surprise so early in the morning. Also it was decided to have a break for tea/coffee enroute. We were all set bubbling with enthusiasm for the road trip and in the photo shoot. It was a distance of circa 86 kms to be covered and we rolled out around 5:40 am and after travelling for about an hour we did break for coffee and proceeded thereafter to the destination.

As we entered the SHAR road at around quarter past seven we were received by a group of flamingoes. Looked as I they were all set for a breakfast get together. It was a fascinating sight such a huge population of the birds at one spot and the sun just peeping out by breaking the foggy morning. A wonderful pitch to take the gears out and quietly start shooting. That is what all the member did diligently without disturbing our birdy friends.

Getting an Early Start

Though we got an early start without waiting for the subject (birds) to arrive, the ambient light was not good enough for long shots and BIF. Here we had to wait for the sun God to appear through the thick fog. Patience did pay off with intermediate sunshine bringing out about magic in the atmosphere.

Time for Patience and Perseverance…..

After spending some time at first sighting, each car group members started exploring the left and right banks of the marsh land. Traffic was not much and we could freely move about, giving us ample opportunity to shoot the variety of stationery birds.

The 10kms plus stretch of the SHAR road and a further 8-10 kms deviation to the right is where the birds have located for their stay this season. We were able to spot a variety of small to medium birds as well. Like the Sparrows, mynas, herons, Indian rollers, Barn Swallows, Painted stork,Cormorants,Egrets and many more… Predominately it was the Flamingos, Herons and Painted stork population that were at a greater count.

While the members where busy with their photography. A thought flashed to me as to why it is so special to form a group event ,which I would like to share with you.
The very getting to gether for this photoshoot is an excellent model which indeed one was able to experience….

  • An experience of comradeship and fellow ship, to mention a few are the concern we had for each other to meet at the right time and place so that we do not lose time and efforts to track and trace.The concern we kept to travelling safely and comfortably and reach the destination.
  • An experience of oneness ,like the birds of the same feather flock to gether ,this was true.It ws a such wonderful sight to see a row of photograher at SHAR road in a ‘fitting reply to the flock birds in the water’.
  • An opportunity to share our photography experience and knowledge .
  • An opportunity to share information, as one group met the other, we did stop and exchanged our spotting of the birds.
  • An excellent way to get a break from the monotony of the grinding day to day activities, so as we could chat ,know each other ,crack jokes and feel light and rejoice the nature and the magical atmosphere.

Let us keep this experience fresh by participating in more and more of such Group Photo trips in large numbers .Those who could not make it ,no worries ,it is something like passing of 2016.Let us look forward to join, rejoice and experience in many more 2017 Photo shoots.


Looks like the birds also have a plan for the new years eve…….No idea where they are heading to and what is there agenda!!!! Lo ..Lucky to get a clear sky while taking this shot which was around 10am.


5 day trip to historical Hampi


PSM's Thattekad Birding Tour